“What is wrong with graphic design?”

This is the title of the second lecture we went through. We got started with a quick search on Mr. Google about “British Graphic Designers”. Yes, just with this easy action we could see that there was something wrong going on. There were just white, male, non-only British faces. You didn’t even need to have eyes to see that there was a lack of diversity regarding colour, race and gender.

Similarly, it was an outstanding fact how old all of them were.

After this research we’ve been shown the example of Ruth Sykes, a graphic designer that used the social media -twitter for being more specific- to fight about what she considered (and all of us should) unfair. Her story starts when once upon a time, she unfortunately came across an article about female graphic designers. What should have been a great new, turned out to be a nonsense. The problem was on the article’s title: XX rated. This title undoubtably has certain erotic connotation so Ruth decided to publish a twit manifesting her disagreement with the title chosen. The magazine replied her in a very rude and aggressive way, just letting her know they wouldn’t change the title. Some twits after, they added that XX was due to the female chromosomes and finally, thanks to Ruth perseverance, they completely removed the article from the website. But this is not the happy ending Ruth was expecting. She just wanted to change the title!

However, we could see that the social media, certainly has a powerful effect on the society and that if we identify unfair conditions around us, it’s as easy as giving it a go and try to address some attention to that topic with a twit. Yes, something as easy as publishing a twit can change little injustices. That’s why, after this example, we’ve been encouraged to open an account on Twitter and choose a class hashtag to use to fight discrimination and promote certain underrated graphic designers. We came up with #HellWhoDesignedThat.

In other words, maybe there’s not only wrong things going on in the graphic design field, but we can also find them all over the internet, and, therefore, the society. Because, what’s internet but a reflection of the society? Thus, as part of the society, we have the responsibility to use the power of social media, our weapons, to protect and promote minorities on internet, our battlefield.


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