· Fritz-kola, battle of brands ·

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 23.28.18.png

This two faces resemblance a retro logo from the 50’s yet it was first designed by Mirco and Lorenz, two friends of Hamburg, Germany in 2002. They strive to create a cola drink that would be better than Coke. According to their website they started the business with a budget of only €7000, which means that they could not spend money on a brand launching campaign or designing an original brand new logo, for instance. For this reason, they opted to use their faces as a logo since it was the only way they could be sure that it met the legal requirements. Moreover, they originally stick the logo to the glass bottles using a glue stick.

Thus, we can ensure the genuinely independent beginning of this company that is now leading the sales of kola drinks in most parts of Germany including Berlin and that is currently exporting to countries all over Europe. Unlike other emerging new brands, Fritz-Kola did not attempt to create this trendy image of a rare local fancy kola for cool people, but is a purely self-reliant business set up by two friends with the ambition of giving the world a better recipe than the one from Coca-Cola.

Despite beginning as a modest enterprise branded by a couple of friends, Fritz-Kola means an existing threat to the huge multinational, which means that they are achieving their aim. Current tag lines from the expanding company are direct attacks to their competitors. For instance, this one that says ‘cocaine is so eighties’ that refers to the fact that the ‘secret’ ingredient of Coke is in fact one component of cocaine which they do not use at all to create their drinks.

I believe that ‘fritz-kola’ designed a brilliant branding approach to launch their products by publicly admitting their desire to defeat the most powerful drink worldwide since this attracted a range of customers keen on kola-drinks but agains capitalism and major companies.


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