· Anthea Hamilton: a butt story ·

Anthea Hamilton is a London based artist born in 1978 and that was one of the four shortlisted participants in 2016 Tuner Prize exhibiting at the Tate Britain. She decided to re-stage her piece of work ‘Project for a Door’ which consist of a gigantic butt that was originally designed to be the front door of an apartment block in New York. Furthermore, she exhibited a floor to ceiling painting of London’s sky at 3pm in June amongst other likewise surreal sculptures.

The tone of voice she uses is playful and engaging since she attempts to make the viewer participate of her work and get surrounded by it like in the room with the weights hanging from the ceiling, She strives to surprise the audience with the monumental sculptures and astonishing effects such as the one in the bricks’ pattern suit displayed in front of a bricks background.

‘Project for a Door’ by Anthea Hamilton (2015)

Her message response to a genuine urge of her to run deep research about her topics of interest and presents them in a beautifully appealing and humorous way that would be memorable for the viewer. This can be easily spotted in her ‘Project for a door’ where she challenged herself to actually build up the door Gaetano Pesce once projected but that never happened to create. She just got inspired by a male ass he got as a reference and decided to do it herself in a larger scale.

Her values are reflection, amusement, spreading knowledge, investigation and experience-designer.

I want to believe that her ultimate aim is to connect with her audience at the same time that she explores subjects of her own interest and try to convey that to the public with unexpected and unforgettable approach. Obviously, she as a young British artist, strives to make a name yet I reckon she stays loyal to her own interests.


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