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Agent Cooper getting into the ‘Black Lodge’ in Twin Peaks (1991)

We have been recently introduced to the subject of cinema as door. These doors move the audience toward something rather than just letting the spectator witness what is happening like in the case of cinema as either window or frame. Many are the film-makers that use doors as a constant resource in their filmography.

One of the best uses is the one given by the American David Lynch that not only make use of doors to move the viewer to different sceneries but he also gives doors or ‘metaphorical doors’ the power of transporting the viewer to another reality. This can be easily spotted in the early 90’s Tv serie ‘Twin Peaks’ where some of its main characters travel to other universes like ‘The Black Lodge’ or ‘The White Lodge’. These worlds seem to be coexistent and parallel realities since in certain cases some of the characters that travel there meet other versions of themselves and even have the chance to hold enigmatic and cryptic conversions with their other self.

Nevertheless, this extraordinary and surreal transportation does not requiere of unusual astonishing special effects but just a red curtain. This mythical curtain appears in a concrete point in the forests of Twin Peaks, and the different characters just need to go to the other side of the curtain to be instantly transported to those bizarre sceneries. These realities consist of a main room with a white and black pattern floor where there are a couple of couches. However, the characters can walk through red curtain corridors to get to ‘other’ exactly identical rooms where perhaps other characters are waiting.

I personally find fascinating the way Lynch used the red curtain as a door to another universe since it is a metaphorical yet very simple way to move the characters and the audience to a divergent reality. In fact, it is key in Lynch filmography to turn apparently common objects in very peculiar artefacts or even gift them with exceptional meanings such as entry to the surreal ‘Black Lodge’. What’s more, Lynch let the viewer walk through the threshold of the two realities by wandering through the red curtain corridors. With no doubt one of the most, if not the most perturbing and puzzling serie of scenes I have ever watched.

Pure dreamy Lynch.

Twin Peaks Final Episode 5.jpg
Agent Cooper wandering through the red curtain corridors between the two realities.

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