“The monochrome adventure”

As you could see in my last post, these is all about just one unique colour: IKB.

So this is just the beginning and by beginning I mean the front cover of my zine. Well, this is not completely true, it’s just the skeleton of it.

I got excited to see that I can do such things at LCC. What was, at first, a sketchy draft in my sketchbook became an Illustrator file and from there, straight to the 3D workshop to do the cut outs with the laser.

And this isn’t all, tomorrow I’ll add all the meat that this project needs… Looking forward to see the result!


Foto 24-11-15 17 21 46


“Everything is Blue”

These days, there’s only one name stuck in my mind, there’s only one man I can think about. And my life became blue, a very deep, stimulative and peaceful blue. All my life revolves around this right now. (as the pic shows.)

Foto 17-11-15 0 07 23

His name is Yves but all his friends call him Klein. He is very popular, indeed. You can’t imagine how talented he can be… He even invented a colour! (How is it possible?) This, ladies and gentlemen, is pure talent.

I’ll write soon for letting you know how is it going with our relationship.